Sample Your Custom Blend

Our perfumer has curated a selection of some of the best unique formulas created by blending the Ready-to-Wear Layers together.
Sample a selection of 20 pre-made blends (that’s a total of 50ml fragrance!) and wear them to find your personal favourite.

How It Works

1. Sample the full Bespoke Collection

Your sample set will be sent for you to test at home. Choose from either the Sample Set alone or the Sample Set & a full size 50ml bottle of your choice, ready when you have discovered your favourite.

2. Take a simple 3-step questionnaire to help you choose the one

The set contains 20 fragrances! So if you need a little help finding the one(s) that best suit your taste, our quiz that will recommend a selection of blends just for you!

3. Order your favourite one in its full size

Order your favourite 50ml fragrance of your choice. Choose from a selection of label colours and add your name on the label (optional)!

The Bespoke Collection

There are 20 formulas to wear in the Sample Set. These formulas are pre-blended and have been created by blending different Ready-to-Wear Layers Eau de Parfum together. You don’t need to do any more blending or layering at home, we’ll do it for you! Sit back, relax and take a deep smell.

Electric Fig

An electric fig paired with a bright pink rose. Vibrant and full of colour!

This formula contains 30 parts of Fig Neroli + 20 parts of Rose Rhubarb


Electric Fig

Bergamot Noir

Pairing two opposites, bright uplifting bergamot with dark and sensual sandalwood. A blend full of both light and dark.

This formula contains 30 parts of Bergamot Incense + 20 parts of Sandalwood Musk

Bergamot Noir

Velvet Incense

Sparkling Bergamot mixes with smokey and smooth incense while a powdery orris and rich ambroxan add to the softness. A highly addictive scent that always surprises.

This formula contains 44 parts of Bergamot Incense + 6 parts of Amber Iris

Velvet Incense

Bergamot Blush

A creamy and warm bergamot paired with the smoothness of jasmine and amber.

This formula contains 26 parts Bergamot Incense + 12 parts of Jasmine Osmanthus + 12 parts Amber Iris

Bergamot Blush

Rose Charcoal

A sensual blend of decadent rose with animalic and addictive leather notes. A rich and intense blend full of anticipated excitement.

This formula contains 30 parts of Rose Rhubarb + 20 parts of Sandalwood Musk

Rose Charcoal

Red Hot Wood

Inspired by the heat of spices, sandalwood is freshened up with a sunny touch of bergamot and jasmine. Tingly and slightly jarring.

This formula contains 6 parts Bergamot Incense + 6 parts of Jasmine Osmanthus + 38 parts of Sandalwood Musk

Red Hotwood

Ambre Epices

Soft and luxurious amber is brought together with dry spices to create this deep and hypnotic orientlal blend.

This formula contains 12 parts Bergamot Incense + 38 parts Amber Iris

Amber Epices

Santal Nuit

A dark and mineral santal brightened with zesty and sparkling citrus combined with jarring and deep spices.

This formula contains 12 parts Bergamot Incense + 38 parts Sandalwood Musk

Santal Nuit

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