125ml Perfume Decanter


125ml Perfume Decanter


All our fragrances are available in 125ml Perfume Decanters.

Each decanter contains 125ml Eau de Parfum, enough to refill your Layers 50ml bottles 2.5 times or our Blending Bottle over 15 times.

They should be used in combination with one of our refillable 50ml fragrance spray bottles or the travel size Blending Bottle.

Perfume Decanters are traditionnally used by perfumers as vessels to store the most precious ingredients.

How to use: Unscrew the spray cap from your empty Layers fragrance bottle. Then using the funnel, gently pour this Eau de Parfum into the bottle until full.

Our Perfume Decanters are 100% plastic free and can be reused as decorative objects once empty.

Decanters are not available to purchase online. Find them exclusively at Harvey Nichols London for £135 for 125ml. 

Delivery & Returns

Perfume Decanters are available in store only. Visit Harvey Nichols in London.


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