Experimental Perfume Club Harvey Nichols

The Perfumer’s Nest at Harvey Nichols London


A unique space to explore, discover and create your bespoke scent.

Inspired by the perfumer’s organ, the Perfumer’s Nest welcomes you into a sensorial world, where you can experiment with our fragrances and perfumery ingredients to create your very own scent.

Visit us for an on-site bespoke blending experience and create your personalised fragrance with our team of perfumers.


Our brands first UK counter will also see the launch of LAYERS\02, the second trio collection from the house. LAYERS is the first to market collection of niche luxury fine fragrances with a twist, offering a bespoke blending experience for a new generation of consumers.

The addition of the new trio extends the possibility to create thousands of made-to-measure fragrances. The opportunities to create your bespoke fragrance are truly endless!

“We believe in providing unique olfactory experiences alongside our fragrances. Consumers are more engaged and take an increased interest in understanding what goes into their products. Bespoke perfumery allows them to take an active part in their fragrance choice.” – Emmanuelle Moeglin, founder perfumer.

Experimental Perfume Club Harvey Nichols
Experimental Perfume Club Harvey Nichols


As a perfume house and brand, the focus remains on the juice. With the customer becoming more eco-conscious, we’ve launched a refill service. You’re now able to bring your empty 50ml LAYERS bottles to counter for refills at a reduced cost. You’ll also have the opportunity to invest in larger collectable 125ml Perfume Decanters to take home.

“We love our packaging, but the juice will always be the most important of what we design and what we believe in. Furthermore, due to the fact all our fragrances are blendable, we are one of the only perfume brands that have bottle caps and sprays which can be removed. So why not offer refills which are both great for your purse and the planet? Our luxury boxes can be reused and repurposed, as well as the Perfumer Decanters which are beautiful glass pieces that usually hold perfumers ingredients oils.”
– Emmanuelle Moeglin



The crunch of fresh herbs in a child’s hand – a garden in bloom surrounds.

/ The Perfumer’s Inspiration

A garden combined, green leaves and dark woods – the brightness of neroli counteracted by the lush woodiness of fig leaves and vetiver. Basil, petitgrain and figs echo the scrunch of green grass beneath bare feet. The creamy milk of ripe figs soothes the green vegetal herbs. Sparkling petitgrain paired with invigorating peppermint creates refreshing spikes of scent. A base of cedarwood and soft benzoin transform this into a scent to nuzzle into, hours later.

/ With Tunisian Orange Blossom Absolute, fig, Haitian vetiver, Paraguay petitgrain, basil, iris, Virginian cedarwood, Siam benzoin.


Rose bushes grow from a rhubarb patch.

/ The Perfumer’s Inspiration

A bright rose entwined with sharp blackcurrant and sparkling, zingy rhubarb. Aqueous peonies add dewiness, whilst blackcurrants expose its greenness. Petals, stalks and stems: a nose in a rosebush. Rich, jam-laced Moroccan rose absolute adds depth. A scent that sparks a childlike joy within. Pink to green like rhubarb stalks this is a rose that’s bursting with colour.

/ With rhubarb, blackcurrant leaves, peony, Moroccan Rose Absolute, white musks.


An amber wrapped in powdery notes; dark yet soft.

/ The Perfumer’s Inspiration

A power play of ingredients, a scent of juxtapositions. A smoky, smooth incense pierces through rich, resinous myrrh. The subtle, hushed powderiness of orris contrasted with the warm, balsamic facets of labdanum. Syrupy vanilla is poured over patchouli for a chocolatey accord that soothes in the background. A blanket of ambroxan and ambrette seed makes everything soft – a downiness you can almost feel.

/ With ambrette seed absolute, Somalian incense oil, labdanum absolute, myrrh absolute, Indonesian patchouli, vanilla absolute, Italian orris, ambroxan.