1. From the idea to the bottle

  • We are a perfume house and laboratory. This means that unlike most fragrance brands out there, our founder-perfumer creates all our fragrances in-house. All the way from the idea to the bottle!


  • Our formulas are specifically created so they can naturally and safely be blended together while also being beautiful ready-to-wear fragrances.

2. Carefully selected ingredients

  • We select the best ingredients from all over the world. As an independent house, we are lucky to not be restricted by commercial guidelines and cost restriction. This means we can use rare and precious ingredients!


  • We are in love with perfumery ingredients and want them to shine in the creations you’ll wear, so we use the highest ingredients grade and a fair share of natural!

3. From our London lab to Grasse

  • Our formula recipes are then sent to a perfume laboratory in Grasse, the cradle of perfumery, where they are compounded. Once making their way back to our lab in London, they are left to macerate for a few weeks.


  • All Layers fragrances are inspired by two key ingredients but contain many more! They are minimalistic in their signature to make sure that whatever you chose to blend together will smell beautiful!

4. Hand produced in England

  • The oils are then put in alcohol and left to blossom for another few weeks. Once the “juice” is filtrated, the bottles are hand filled and packed in the beautiful countryside of Lincolnshire. We add the finishing touches in our Lab in London before sending them over to you!


  • Our fragrances are vegan-friendly and we don’t use any ingredients from animal origin. They are not tested on animals and are preservative-free.

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