Neon Jasmine

A warm and floral fragrance

A blend of 4 parts Jasmine/Osmanthus and 4 parts Sandalwood/Musk is the perfect scent to brighten any dark day.

Named ‘Neon Jasmine’ it kind of does what it says on the tin. A scent that is reminiscent of holidays. Sun-soaked days, warm waters and being covered by sand. Evenings spent with tropical-flower-laced breezes. This fragrance is bright, bold and warm.


photo credit scent is a corner

Both jasmine and osmanthus are very solar flowers and, when blended with the soft, creaminess of sandalwood and the skin-like scent of musk, become quite addictive.

This is a scent to lift you up when deep in a winter slump. A scent to put a smile on your face. A holiday in a bottle.