Layers Experimental Perfume Club Selfridges London

Selfridges London, Our New Layers Stockist


Layers has landed in one of the most iconic shopping destinations in the world.


At Selfridges London, you can now design your own personalised fragrance, from endless possible combinations, and have it blended in-store while you wait.

“We love to provide unique olfactory experiences for consumers who are becoming more and more invested in what goes into their products. The LAYERS pop-up lab will take our bespoke perfumery offering to the next level with more formula choice than ever before where customers will be guided in creating their own bespoke fragrance. We are also proud to be a company striving for sustainability with our perfume refills, and are one of only a few perfume brands offering this eco-friendly service.” – Emmanuelle Moeglin, Founder and Perfumer


Use advanced digital scent profiling technologies with one of our expert Fragrance Curators, and experience the future of fragrance – with endless possibilities you can discover a unique scent that’s designed just for you.


The Formula Library

Create individual blends using our six LAYERS Eau de Parfums in multiple combinations, you can compose over 50,000 unique, personalised fragrances. Our LAYERS App features an in-house algorithm which enables us to understand your personal tastes, before recommending 3 possible formulae that match your unique olfactory profile. You can either choose your favourite blend from the shortlisted selection or customise the fragrance further with the help of our Fragrance Curator. Once you choose your final blend, our Fragrance Curator will formulate your unique fragrance in front of you. And, for the ultimate bespoke touch, you can choose a name for your fragrance and a personalised label for your 50ml bottle.

Layers Experimental Perfume Club Selfridges London

The Refill Fountain

Being eco-conscious has always been at the heart 0f what we do and we strive to source and manufacture responsibly. Our goal is to reduce unnecessary packaging and waste and enable loyal consumers to reuse their packaging again and again. Our first refill service will be available exclusively at the LAYERS lab at Selfridges, London. A place where you can reduce your carbon footprint by bringing back a bottle of your empty 50ml fragrance to be refilled for a reduced price. Looking after both your pennies and the planet.