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What is Layers.

Layers are collections of niche fragrances designed to be blended together.

Wear each fragrance on its own, or blend them together to create your truly unique scent.

Not sure where to start? Our perfumer have curated a selection of some of the best scents you can create when blending the Layers. Simply take the quiz to find the formulas that best suit you. Get blending at home or let us blend it fresh for you!

Trilogy collections.

The Layers fragrances have been created to complement one another in trio collections, so no matter what your combination is, you’ll always smell great!

Choose from Top Layers for freshness, Mid Layers for softness and Base Layers for warmth.

How it works.

Layers Fig Neroli Eau de Parfum Fragrance Perfume

1. Wear Alone

We create our fragrances with an elegant yet minimalistic signature inspired by the refined perfumery ingredients we love.

2. Blend Together

Choose two or three fragrances from Top, Mid or Base across collections, and blend them together to create a fragrance unique to you.

Start blending.

  • 1. Familiarise yourself with the Layers fragrances and pick 1-3 of your favourites from Top, Mid and Base.
  • 2. Follow one of our suggested formulae, or experiment with your own ideas.
  • 3. Use the supplied pipette to measure the chosen amount into the Blending Bottle.
  • 4. Write down your formula so you can replicate it in the future.
  • 5. Agitate your fragrance gently, apply, and let the head turning commence.

Frequently asked questions.

Each collection comes as a trio of fragrances: Top, Mid and Base. Each representing the essential parts that constitute the backbone of any fragrance architecture. Top = fresh and inviting, Mid = the heart of a composition guiding the scent from top to bottom, Base = deep and warm.

Each fragrances are designed to be worn on their own or can be blended together.

Yes! The two star ingredients and the general smell is representative of either a top, mid or base note. However, each fragrance Layer is a complex formula that also includes ingredients across all top, mid and base. So for instance our Top Layers will also be long lasting. That’s the beauty of our Layers collection. Each fragrance is a stand alone perfume that can be worn on it’s own!

Yes! Each fragrance can be layered with other fragrances from each collection. Layer two or three fragrances to create your unique scent, either from within the same collection or cross Layer between collections.

To get you started we’ve included some formula ideas on our website and in your blending collection booklet. Explore the different formulas our perfumer recommends on the How to Blend page. All our Layers are beautiful fragrances that have been designed to naturally complement one another, so we feel pretty confident that whichever composition you’ll do, it’ll smell wonderful!

Watch our blending tutorial here.

Simply use the pipette provided to transfer the perfume from its bottle into the blending bottle (provided in the Blending Collection or purchased separately), noting each 1 ml mark on the side of the bottle. Wipe the pipette with a clean cloth / tissue before using another fragrance to avoid contamination. Don’t forget to write down you formula so you can recreate or tweak your fragrance next time. What you blend or how much you blend is completely up to you! Be experimental and see where your nose takes you.

If you are blending the fragrances, it will become more mellow within a few days as it matures. Depending on the Layers you chose to blend together, your blend may change colour over time, but don’t worry this won’t affect its scent.

Yes! All our fragrances are unisex and would suits both women and men, as scent should be!