Pink Peppercorn in Perfume


This ingredient is dazzling, sharp and powdery all at once.


Also known as baies roses, pink peppercorns are a pink-coloured berry of the shrub Schinus molle – also known as the Peruvian Peppertree – and is unrelated to the black pepper we all know, which hails from Southeast Asia.

It has a sharp, peppery spicy scent with rosy overtones – due to this it is a mainstay in a lot of dark, woody fragrances. A cheerful perfumery note it adds a soft piquancy to fragrances – allowing floral and woody notes to shine through in a clearer way. It is in fact quite different to black pepper, which adds a nose-tingling spiciness wherever its used. 


Pink peppercorn is popular in feminine fragrances as it marries very well with rose notes. But not only, Pink Peppercorn works wonder with deeper sensual woody and leathery notes.

We’ve used pink peppercorn, in our unisex Sandalwood/Musk fragrance. It gives a fresh spicy feel, something to sparkle, an effervescent element to the otherwise very deep and warm woody scent. It’s essential to the formula as it adds an uplifting hook.