Orange Blossom in Perfume

A soothing scent often found in baby products, orange blossom is so multi-faceted it could be a fragrance in its self! Summery and fresh, it’s unisex scent is loved by all.

Orange blossom is a very complex scent that can be interpreted within a large palette of notes. Sometimes, it builds on its heady, floral (almost animalic) facet while at the same time, it has a fresh, soapy clean scent. This is where its association with baby products comes from! It’s a scent that tends to be enjoyed more by those in warmer European countries such as France and Spain, as its smell grows up with you. From baked cakes to bath products, it’s the smell of home and comfort.

Neroli Experimental Perfume Club


The Orange Bigarade (bitter orange) tree produces different types of extracts used in perfumery: from the fruit, the bitter orange essence; from the leaves, the petitgrain bigarade essence and from the flowers, we get either the orange blossom absolute, the orange blossom water or the neroli essence. They all smell pretty different but have a common olfactory root. So this explains in itself the complexity of this perfume material!

The scent of neroli is more honey sweet with green and spicy facets.

Because orange blossom natural extracts are extremely expensive (the best are supposedly from Tunisia), perfumers often reproduce the smell of the flower from a blend of natural and synthetic perfumery materials and can, therefore, decide to enhance one facet or another. Fragrance has no gender, but this ingredient, in particular, is loved by all, breaking across all traditional masculine and feminine stereotypes.


The crunch of fresh herbs in a Mediterranean garden in bloom.

The Perfumer’s Inspiration

A garden combined, green leaves and dark woods – the brightness of neroli counteracted by the lush woodiness of fig leaves and vetiver.  Basil, petitgrain and figs echo the scrunch of green grass beneath bare feet. The creamy milk of ripe figs soothes the green vegetal herbs. Sparkling petitgrain paired with invigorating peppermint creates refreshing spikes of scent. A base of cedarwood and soft benzoin transform this into a scent to nuzzle into, hours later.

/ With Tunisian Orange Blossom Absolute, fig, Haitian vetiver, Paraguay petitgrain, basil, iris, Virginian cedarwood, Siam benzoin.