Our Story

- From the EPC Lab to Layers

It all began with Experimental Perfume Club, an open-access perfume laboratory opened in 2016 by founder-perfumer Emmanuelle Moeglin.

Welcoming visitors from all over the world, our laboratory is dedicated to showing the behind the scenes of perfume creation, having helped thousands of visitors to create their own bespoke fragrances.

Emmanuelle and her team have been inspired by the creative encounters with visitors, and stunned by people’s natural ability to create whilst reconnecting with their sense of smell in the process. Give someone a scale, ingredients and a bit of knowledge and you’ll be amazed by what they can make!

Layers was inspired by people’s creativity combined with the ever growing curiosity in bespoke perfume. We wanted to give everyone the opportunity to create something completely unique from the comfort of their home.

Our Savoir-Faire

- An independent Perfume House nestled in East London

We are a house of Parfumeurs-Créateurs. This means we create and produce all our fragrances in-house.

Our ingredients are sourced from the best producers around the world and are carefully selected by our founder-perfumer. This way, we know exactly what’s in our formulas and so do you!

We love to make and show you our craft as well as what goes inside your fragrance! We put most our love and attention into the quality of our juices (the formulas) and we invite you to watch how they are made with care, everyday.

From the ingredients to the bottle

- The inspiration behind the Layers fragrances

Emmanuelle is a true passionate of fragrances and even more so of perfume ingredients. She gets her inspiration from the beautiful complexity of both natural and molecule ingredients she finds in the perfumer’s organ.

Each Layers fragrance is inspired and named after two key signature ingredients, but includes more, to create complex fragrances with minimalistic signature. This way, we ensure that when blended together, our fragrances will always smell beautiful!

The Layers fragrances are carefully created through a thoughtful and long creative process, where each of them can go through hundreds of trials before finding the perfect balance.

All our fragrances are created by us – a small team of passionate people – in our laboratory in East London and produced in Grasse. 

The perfumer

- Twenty years love story with scent

Emmanuelle Moeglin is the nose behind the Layers collections and the founder of Experimental Perfume Club behind the open-access perfumery lab concept.

Emmanuelle is a perfumer with more than a decades experience working within the fragrance industry in Paris, New York, Barcelona and London.

Emmanuelle’s passion for scent started at a young age. Her first introduction into the perfumery industry was a summer spent at the Givaudan perfume laboratory when she was 18. Later, she studied at world renowned perfumery school Isipca. Having worked alongside some of the most successful perfumers and fragrance experts of her generation, she now works as an independent perfumer in London.

Emmanuelle opened the Experimental Perfume Club in London in 2016. Sharing her passion for fragrance, Emmanuelle works with individuals and brands, teaching them the art of perfumery and helping them to create their own unique fragrances.

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