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Fine Fragrances to wear alone or blend together.

Create your Own
Or Choose a Scent

Fragrance made by you, curated by our perfumer.

LAYERS is a collection of niche fragrances with a twist; a bespoke blending experience for a new generation of creative individuals.

Wear alone or blend them together in endless possible combinations, to create your very unique fragrance.

Try it first!

A stylish discovery set that contains all our six ready-to-wear – and ready-to-blend fragrances.

Falling in love with one of them? Just apply the accompanying gift card toward a full size bottle.

Wear a fragrance found nowhere else.

Compose your Blending Box and create your own fragrance today.

Not sure where to start? Take our simple quiz and follow one of the recommended formulas created by our perfumer according to your personal taste. Or go rogue and experiment with your very own composition!

Bespoke Blending Consultation at Selfridges.

Flex your creativity and create a bespoke scent with our team of Fragrance Curators.

Use the Layers Eau de Parfum to create endless possible combinations from our Formula Library. Name your fragrance and choose from a variety of refillable packaging options.

"Truly unique fragrances are finally here. Play around with the brand's signature scents, until you find your perfect blend"
"If you hate going into a room and realising you're wearing the same scent as everyone else, Experimental Perfume Club is the answer to your prayers"
"Create your own concoction in the most luxe way possible. The individual scents are lovely to wear alone too!"
"The blending collection comprises three scents that can be used to mix a unique smell in a fourth empty bottle".
"Make your bathroom plastic free! Perfume refills are here"

How to blend.

Each Layer in the collection – a Top, a Mid and a Base – is a unisex fragrance that can be worn on its own, and specially created to blend with other Layers, harmoniously complementing one another in your original blend.

Blend Layers from different collections for endless variations, and create your unique fragrance found nowhere else.

What we do and who we are.

It's good for the planet

It’s good for your wallet! Our sustainable refill service allows each full size bottle to be returned to us and refilled for half the price.

Visit the Blending Lab

Take a one-to-one consultation in Selfridges London, and create your custom blend with our team of expert noses.

Our London Perfume House

We create and produce all our fragrances in-house. Our ingredients are sourced from the best producers around the world and are carefully selected by our founder-perfumer. This way, we know exactly what’s in our formulas and so do you!

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