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Layer Up.
Wear Alone.
Blend Together.

Scent is a story,
What's yours?

Introducing Layers.

Welcome to Layers by Experimental Perfume Club.

The first luxury niche collection of customisable fragrances – tell your own scented story with three distinct fragrance layers.

Wear each fragrance in the collection (the Layers) on its own, or blend them with the other Layers to create your own personal scent.

Find the fragrance that tells your story.

Luxury Pocket Sprays

Try one or several Layers Eau de Parfum in 
luxury 8mL pocket sprays.

Redeem 20% off a full 50mL bottle 
upon your next purchase.


Layers EPC pocket size

Your story, your blend.

Each Layer in the collection is a unisex fragrance that can be worn on its own and designed to complement one another – a Top, a Mid and a Base.

Blend Layers from different collections for endless variations, and create unique fragrances found nowhere else.

We make perfumes and show you what's inside.
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"If you hate going into a room and realising you're wearing the same scent as everyone else, Experimental Perfume Club is the answer to your prayers"
"Experimental Perfume Club brings its ‘direct and open access’ philosophy to a wider audience with its commercial release, Layers 01"
"Why travel with just one fragrance when you could travel with three. Endless combinations await"
"Experimental Perfume Club, East London's coolest fragrance concept, has come to W1"
"I love the clever Layers concept [...], you can create your own concoction in the most luxe way possible"