Layers 01 Blending Collection


Create your own scented story.

A set of three fragrances and a personal blending bottle. The full collection of Layers\01 is the first fragrance set that allows you to customise your own blend.

The blending box contains the trio of Layers from the first collection:

Top: Bergamot/Incense eau de parfum (8ml)

Mid: Jasmine/Osmanthus eau de parfum (8ml)

Base: Sandalwood/Musk eau de parfum (8ml)

And the equipment to blend them together:

A pipette, an empty blending bottle (8ml, marked at every ml), a step-by-step blending guide.

If you haven’t yet, take our formulas questionnaire to find your signature fragrance and get recommended blends based on your scent profile.

Receive with each collection a downloadable formula booklet that contains our most popular formulas to start creating risk-free!

How to use

You can watch videos and look for formulas inspiration visiting the page How to Blend. 

It is important to read our conditions of use before starting blending and print your traceability label once you’ve created a blend to ensure a safe use of our products.

Delivery & Returns

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No shipping outside of Europe.

For returns, please see our T&Cs.