Download and print your traceability label here, after entering your formula below. This ensures that you know the exact composition and what’s in your Layers bespoke fragrance.

The capacity of our blending bottles is 8ml and so the total of the three Layers together should be 8. You can have a blend with only 2 Layers.

How to care for your fragrance.

To ensure you use the EPC Layers correctly, please refer to our T&Cs and the points below.

  1. As your fragrance matures, your blend may change colour over time, but rest assured it won’t affect the scent.
  2. You may reuse your blending bottle in the future but never mix anything else other than our fragrances, and only use water and pharmacy alcohol to rinse the glass.
  3. Never use the pipette for anything else other than for EPC blending. Rinsing the pipette is not recommended, just wipe the outer glass with a clean tissue before each use.
  4. Always ensure the bottle screw tops are fastened tightly to avoid leakage. Slender bottles can lose balance and can get knocked over easily, so make sure you don’t make any clumsy gestures when blending.
  5. Always print and keep your ingredient label.