What is Layers.

A collection of fine fragrances designed to be blended together.

Wear each fragrance in the collection on its own, or blend them with the other Layers to create your unique scent.

Trilogy collections.

The Layers fragrances have been created to complement one another – just like a triptych – so no matter what is your combination, you’ll always smell great!

Choose from Top Layers for freshness, Mid Layers for softness and Base Layers for warmth.

How it works.

Layers Fig Neroli Eau de Parfum Fragrance Perfume

We create our fragrances so that all have a beautiful, yet minimalistic signature. Each eau de parfum takes its name from two of the signature ingredients it was inspired from.

Choose two or three fragrances from Top, Mid or Base across collections, and blend them together in our Blending Bottle to create a fragrance unique to you.

Start blending.

  • 1. Familiarise yourself with each Layer.
  • 2. Follow one of our suggested formulae, or experiment with your own ideas.
  • 3. Use the supplied pipette to measure each Layer into the blending bottle.
  • 4. Write down your formula so you can replicate it in the future.
  • 5. Agitate your fragrance gently, apply, and let the head turning commence.

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