The First Niche Fragrance That Allows You To Design Your Own Personalised Scent

We are proud to introduce our first fragrance collection,  Layers!

Layers is a trio collection of standalone fragrances, designed to be worn individually or blended together to create your own unique scent.

Each Layer represents the top, middle and base: the three parts that constitute the backbone of any fragrance architecture.

A collection of fragrances designed to work together

Top, Mid, Base fragrances that can be blended together


Each Layer represents the top, middle and base: the three parts that constitute the backbone of any fragrance architecture.


Each fragrance embodies the characteristics of either a top note: fresh and inviting, a middle note: mellow, between fresh and warm, and a base note: warm and sensual.


The Layers fragrances inside each collection have been crafted by our perfumer to naturally complement one another – a perfect trio that inspires creativity and harmony within each formulae you create.


Wear each fragrance on it’s own or blend Layers from different collections for endless variations!
Layers Pocket Spray Luxury Fragrance


Top Layer – Bergamot / Incense


Citrus and exotic spices are brought together in this bright fragrance with Eastern influence.


With bergamot oil, juniper berry oil, incense oil, olibanum resinoid, tea notes and iris resinoid.


Mid Layer – Jasmine / Osmanthus


A tribute to white flowers warmed up by a hot sand effect.


With jasmine Sambac absolute, osmanthus absolute, frangipani flowers and mineral notes.


Base Layer – Sandalwood / Musk


A mineral sandalwood met with leather and musks.


With pink peppercorn, sandalwood oil India, leather suede, vetiver and ambroxan.

Layer Up. Wear Alone. Blend Together.

Create Your Bespoke Fragrance.

The Blending Collection

Craft your own scented story with our laboratory in a box.


Included is a set of three 8ml fragrances, a personal blending bottle, a pipette and a step-by-step blending guide. It’s the perfect way to create your own bespoke fragrance signature.


Our perfumer has recommended 4 tried and tested formulas to give your perfume a twist and get those heads turning.

We love guiding noses into new territories but we also want you to go rouge and experiment with scent! Bespoke beauty is something we’re very passionate about and hope you all discover  your own unique fragrance.

Discover how it works. 


We hope you’ve enjoyed discovering our new collection, Layers! If you and your nose want to smell our fragrances, you can find them exclusively in store at Liberty London! Or if you’re passing by the lab stop in and see what all the fuss is about!

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